I didn’t know.

I didn’t know...

The Rock - Experience Stories

"I didn’t know what to expect when attending The Rock of Central Florida. I expected staring eyeballs, and judging hearts, and received the exact opposite. I expected to be told to get saved all the time, and never a direction on life. I received the exact opposite. They have pushed me to go after dreams that have died out years ago. I gained a new vision, and found my purpose in life! I’m learning finance, and beginning to do things I have been afraid of my entire life! There’s a clean atmosphere! Instant love as soon as you walk through the doors! The kids are as joyous and engaged as the adults! I’d never seen something sooo..... Amazing!! I’m encouraging everyone of you to attend my place of worship tomorrow if you can! It just might change your life! I’m not making things up. I have healed spiritually, mentally, and physically since becoming apart of this kingdom! I will give rides for the people in need!!"