What is ENGAGE?


Welcome to ENGAGE, The Rock online communication hub!  


The ENGAGE HUB is a productive tool that will allow our church family to engage with each other, within groups, and with church leadership. You can review and update your personal information and profile, add a fun photo of yourself so everyone can put a face with your name, see your giving history, sign up for groups, and so much more.

At The Rock, our mission and vision is to equip believers to BECOME what they were created to be while providing a place for unbelievers to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. YOU are a HUGE part of creating an atmosphere and CULTURE of change! YOU are part of the recipe of KINGDOM EXPRESSION!

Go ahead, take advantage of all the opportunities within ENGAGE to interact and express who you are through messages and conversations. WE are NOT ONE. WE are MANY


Are you ready to get started?

Click  ENGAGE NOW for entry.


  • Update Profile
  • Add Family Members
  • Review Giving History
  • See Events Calendar
  • Find Forms
  • Communicate with Members
  • Communicate with Leadership
  • Join Rock Groups
  • Setup Children for Check-In
  • Send Messages
  • So Much More