Stepping Up My Game

Author: Steve Parker
August 17, 2018

Football is around the corner. Teams are already practicing from youth football to the pros. They take this arriving season very seriously. So do the fans! What’s not to love about the game? We pick a team and we cheer for a victory. It is the nature of man.

The preparation that goes into a new season is considered down to the hour of the day and how much air in the helmets. These guys are in it to win it and a lack of preparation will not be the reason they fail. They study their enemy. Watch their film. Observe their opponents on field and off, and invest sums of money so large it makes most of us wonder where that would be better used. Rest is not an option. To the victor go the spoils and these guys understand that. Improvements are made in regard to the latest technological advancements and speeches are made that would make a six year old want to go to war! This is not a game. This is live or die.

Are we willing to do whatever it takes to advance Yahweh’s purpose and intentions for mankind and the earth?


While football teams and fans are doing all they can to step up their game, what are we doing as believers, as sons and daughters of almighty God, to step up ours? Do we take this journey seriously? Are we willing to do whatever it takes to advance Yahweh’s purpose and intentions for mankind and the earth? Do we really have any chance at winning the lost souls of our generation over to our loving and creative God? Yes, we do. We do because life in Christ is not a fairytale. It is real and it is life changing. It is observable and obvious. His love and his grace are evident in those who have received it.

Stepping up our game is not about praying louder or longer, or reading more scriptures, or witnessing to more people. It is about looking in the mirror and asking ourselves if we are the we we want to be? Are we the we Yahweh created us to be? Honest questions deserve honest answers, especially when it is only you or me in the mirror. We don’t ask these questions to incur self-condemnation. We ask to incur growth and position ourselves at a starting block from which we are able to launch ourselves into the race. Not with half-hearted intentions, but with devotion so deep and conviction so profound, the only option is finishing the race.

Are we the we Yahweh created us to be?


Now is the time to ask Holy Spirit to help us step up our game and prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. There is an enemy that wants to beat us down until we surrender, but surrender is only for those who refuse to listen to the voice that is always calling out and charging us to rise up. Holy Spirit is our coach and our teacher and our trainer. When we listen to him all the other sounds and voices fall dim in our ears. It’s time. It’s time today. Step up your game.