The Making of a Son

July 30, 2018

The Making of a Son

On June 19, 2018 a giant in the Kingdom of God transitioned into the place from where we all began—the heavenlies. F. Nolan Ball was born on November 14, 1929 and soon after would begin making his impact felt on all those around him. He excelled in whatever he did; the Air Force, banking, the Pentagon, sports, ministry, and in life and relationships, he set a standard for others to follow. He was and is a hero of the faith. He leaves behind in this realm countless lives that have been matured and impacted by his living.

Though many of you reading this have never met him, it is because of him that I am able to write this, and you are able to be a part of The Rock of Central Florida. F. Nolan Ball depended every day on the voice of Holy Spirit. When he received Jesus Christ in 1953 he never looked back. Since that day his every decision was focused on becoming a son in whom Yahweh would be well pleased. He once told me when I inquired of his “magnetic” personality that “he didn’t have a good personality, he had a good anointing.” That statement sums up his heart and life. He understood where the favor, excellence, and revelation came from and he never tried to minimize the power of Holy Spirit in his life. Praying in the spirit was more natural to him than speaking in English.

While I and we grieve in his passing, make no mistake, it is a glorious passing. We that knew him will forever be changed. He has been Yahweh’s instrument of Kingdom expression for over sixty years! Beside him during all those years has been his beautiful and devoted wife, Shirley Ball. She is in her own right a root and a fortress. We will continue to intercede for her and the immediate family as they begin the journey of carrying on in the natural and the spirit what F. Nolan Ball made to look so easy.

“His every decision was focused on becoming a son in whom Yahweh would be well pleased”

The making of a son doesn’t happen because a single decision is made to serve Christ. The making of son happens because decisions, every day, are made to serve Christ and the purpose of Yahweh. Sonship is a lifelong journey, a beginning but no end, leading to the reward of stepping into the other side of this dimension and with that transition into the full maturity of sonship. F. Nolan Ball was more than an Apostle. He in every way embodied the gifts we have come to understand as apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher and walked in whichever was required at any given time. It is more appropriate to recognize him as a father than to try to clothe him in a garment of limitation. So, when you think of F. Nolan Ball, consider what the Father thinks of him. F. Nolan Ball is a son in whom he is well pleased!