The Rock of Central Florida

7even Churches and Me

October 01, 2018
We are currently in the middle of a seven-week series of messages from the book of Revelation titled 7even Churches and Me. Of all the series we have received over the course of this year, this stands at the top of the list as my favorite. It is causing all of us to reflect ...


Stepping Up My Game

August 17, 2018
Football is around the corner. Teams are already practicing from youth football to the pros. They take this arriving season very seriously. So do the fans! What’s not to love about the game? We pick a team and we cheer for a victory. It is the nature of man. The prepara...


The Making of a Son

July 30, 2018
The Making of a Son On June 19, 2018 a giant in the Kingdom of God transitioned into the place from where we all began—the heavenlies. F. Nolan Ball was born on November 14, 1929 and soon after would begin making his impact felt on all those around him. He excelled in wh...


Little Man

March 23, 2018
Little Man I’m sitting in my office today with a three-year-old boy who is fully engaged in what I am doing although he doesn’t understand any of it. He is completely transfixed and intensely trying to grasp all that is happening before his eyes. To me, I am simply...


Living Within Your Means

December 12, 2017
Living Within Your Means There is so much to be said about living within your means and for the past several weeks I have been saying it. Hopefully, you have been at the very least, encouraged, and at the very best, changed. Learning to live within this paradigm will create ne...


Crazy Calm

October 04, 2017
Crazy Calm Are we living in the most unpredictable, calamitous, and argumentative age in modern history? If we believe everything we see and hear, it certainly feels that way! People are fighting over skin color, body size, calorie counts, and many can’t even figure out ...